350+ people killed in Syria yesterday, making the 170,000 death toll increase daily. Let’s please not forget about them.

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Things the Israel/Palestine conflict is about

  • Nationalism
  • Racism
  • Colonialism
  • Economics
  • Land use
  • Water

Things the Israel/Palestine conflict is not about

  • Religion

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Infinite in beauty, whose endless good befalls, the creatures You have made, so answer all our calls!

You alone save drowning souls, so gracious with our states, Rescuing the doomed, relieving our dire straits:

Constriction is increasing, there is no cure in sight, So hasten to our needs, respond to set them right!

Our hands are raised to You, our palms are open wide: We seek sincerely endless grace You do provide.

Be gentle with our souls in all You have decreed, Bestow on us what pleases You in what we need.

Replace our state of hardship with Your gentle ease, And guide us with Your power’s prevailing breeze,

And place our status over those who took our lands, Constrain their evil now, and tightly bind their hands;

Overcome our foes with Your subduing might, Unravel all their hopes, and force them to take flight;

Deter their evil aims, and dash their unjust plan; Repel them from our gates, and mystify each man.

Be swift in justice, Lord, in this our anxious hour, For they cannot remove an atom of Your power.


- [Dua’ an-Nasiri: The Prayer of the Oppressed] (via purplepill)
"We Palestinians trapped inside the bloodied and besieged Gaza Strip call on conscientious people all over the world to act, protest and intensify the boycotts, divestments and sanctions against Israel until it ends this murderous attack on our people and is held to account."

In case you were wondering what Gazans want you to do in order to help. 

We call for a final end to the crimes and oppression against us. We call for:

  • Arms embargos on Israel, sanctions that would cut off the supply of weapons and military aid from Europe and the United States on which Israel depends to commit such war crimes;
  • Suspension of all free trade and bilateral agreements with Israel such as the EU-Israel Association agreement;
  • Boycott, divestment and sanctions, as called for by the overwhelming majority of Palestinian civil society in 2005

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If you’re not Pakistani, keep paki out of your fucking mouth. It isn’t your slur to reclaim, it isn’t your ground to walk on, it isn’t your prerogative to begin with. A Pakistani has the choice to reclaim it because it is his/her identity that the racial slur was coined against in the 60’s and…

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